5P Consulting

Of this we can be sure

It is fulfilling for people to use their potential, to grow and to deliver excellent performance. Valuable companies and non-profit organizations create great customer benefit and act responsibly. Everyone has the potential to contribute – so much can be achieved with your employees.

5P will support you in developing potentials and delivering exceptional performance. We analyze, consult, facilitate, train, coach and manage projects.

This is how we work

Identifying, not accompanying

We identify with your goals and ideas and clearly distinguish ourselves from an understanding of consulting as mere “accompaniment”. We feel responsible for the impact and benefit of our work.

Partnership, not intervention

We like to enter into long-term partnerships with our clients and are open and transparent in our dealings with them. As a competent partner, we work with you to develop measures that deliver real benefits in your personal business context. To ensure sustainable benefit, we are at your service with our expertise, even after the period of our intervention has ended.


Purpose /‘pɜːpəs/


Every corporate measure and decision needs a clear and comprehensible purpose. This is the basis for orientation and for making the decision to commit oneself with energy and motivation to a company, a position, a decision or a change. If this sense of purpose is missing, the result is meaninglessness – with a critical effect on commitment, motivation and identification. Leadership conveys this sense of purpose and shapes its realization.

Perspectives /pəˈspɛktɪvs/


Perspectives show what the future can hold. They draw your attention to new things. They enable attractive visions, strategies and goals.

We boost multi-perspectivity and integrate perspectives – those of your clients, employees and service partners – and contribute our external expertise.

We act in ways that expand opportunities. We openly discuss ideas, agree on clear, compelling goals, and help companies create an environment that is focused on future opportunities.

Potential /pə(ʊ)ˈtɛnʃ(ə)l/


Potentials are the assets of the future. They are the starting point for what can be achieved: potentials of individuals, teams, networks and organizations.

We identify personal and organizational potential – of individuals, teams, organizational units, companies. In the process, we focus on existing resources and opportunities. This enables us to find untapped capacities and to determine the achievements that will be required and achievable in the future.

Performance /pəˈfɔːm(ə)ns/


Sustainable performance creates values that can be experienced and measured. This is what we stand for – together.

We are guided in our activities by the quest for short-term and sustainable tangible benefits.

We establish effective processes, create acceptance, evaluate performance and development, and achieve results that we define together.

Progress /ˈprəʊɡrɛs/


Development and progress are required in order to fulfill the company's purpose – meaning and benefit become visible.

We are convinced that people want to evolve and contribute to the development of companies. Just as we are convinced that valuable companies provide important benefits. If the joint development of people and companies succeeds, benefits are created – for entrepreneurs, employees, clients and their environment.

Perspectives show where things can go. They draw your attention to new things. They enable attractive visions, strategies and goals.

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