Potential Analysis Tools

We analyze the skills and potential of your managers and identify the areas in which there are particularly good opportunities for successful further development.

There is a wide range of instruments and tools that, when used correctly, provide valuable information on employees' skills, potential and development opportunities. In order to be able to use a tool optimally, it is important to be familiar with the objective and inner logic of the tool as well as the models on which it is based. Well-founded knowledge and a wide range of experience in the field of human resources diagnostics and extensive know-how on the application of the different tools help us to find the right tool for you and your company.

Due to the high quality and detail of the findings, we frequently use the IMDE Talent Developer. This is a web-based potential analysis method. What makes this program special is that it was created by analyzing successful representatives of the respective target group. Through qualified feedback, this potential analysis is a valuable tool for decision-making and also for self-reflection.

Potential analysis tools



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