Dr. Thomas Winkler

“A person’s first language is their actions.”
after Paulo Coelho
Managing Director 5P Munich

My interest in working with organizations lies in further developing their effectiveness, whilst keeping equal focus on the development of people, team and organizational dynamics.

My 15 years of HR experience at an international trade company and a globally active German-American technology firm, were formative in terms of my development as consultant. Through managing HR and organizational development, I have developed a deep understanding of the challenges these areas present.

My degrees in psychology and sports sciences, as well as my doctorate in organizational development and group dynamics, have sharpened my focus on the development of individuals and organizations. Two courses in systemic consulting have been helpful in deepening and broadening my approach to training and consulting.

My areas of focus at 5P:

  • Leadership and talent development: development centers aimed at identifying people with potential; design and execution of international development programs
  • Design and execution of HR and organizational development projects
  • Strategy and team workshops


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