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Talent programs take too long and cause talent to lean back and take it easy? It doesn't have to be that way.

We design measures as attractive challenges that are directly linked to the company's performance and thus make talents visible. On and off the job..

We help you set up programs that are geared to relevant competencies, preparing your talents both individually and collectively to meet (future) challenges.


Talent_Kreis_Phase3 Development


Steps to customized measures for talents or key potentials

  1. Strategies and goals
    Corporate goals and talent strategy are the starting point for our actions. With this clear focus, we can invest in those people who will make a significant contribution to the company's success. 
  2. Challenge and transparency
    Die Nominierung und die Auswahl müssen bekannt und nachvollziehbar sein. Im besten Fall ist es bereits eine Auszeichnung, überhaupt für ein Programm nominiert zu werden. Neben der Nominierung ist der Auswahlprozess für Qualität, Attraktivität und Akzeptanz von Talent-Programmen entscheidend. Dabei stehen wir Ihnen mit unseren Auswahlkriterien zur Seite.
  3. Defining expectations
    Even with a critical number of talents, development, dynamics and networking can succeed at the organizational level - across departmental boundaries. During the design phase, we liaise closely with management, HR, mentors and project sponsors and establish the central role of direct managers and top management as (leading) talent developers.
  4. Developing talent on and off the job
    Using the appropriate mix of methods, we work with talents on joint and individual development goals. Topics can include orientation, role perception and behavior, but also the concrete application of instruments and solutions. Our measures include corporate standards such as leadership principles, project guidelines or process specifications for instruments. We integrate managers and other relevant stakeholders into our measures and give them an active role in training or feedback processes.
  5. Monitoring and evaluation
    It has proven effective to evaluate the success at the end of a talent program. However, 5P's evaluation diagnostic measures not only provide information about the degree of success of a program, but also serve as “proof” for the participants of their current level of development and potential and for the company as a basis for further development measures..
  6. Using talent
    Talent programs can only be as good as the quality of their implementation. With our successful approach to on-the-job training, the investment pays off immediately, for all concerned



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