Dániel Rózsa

„Leadership is creating a world to which people want to belong.“

Gilles Pajou

As a coach, trainer and APTT, I am committed in unleashing people’s growth through self-discovery and self-expression. I am one of the founding professionals of in-Depth Stage, and I am the director and one of the teachers of the Hungarian Playback Theatre School. The methodologies that define my work are Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Applied Playback Theatre.

I enjoy working with groups to achieve a specific goal, in a process that is both guided and spontaneous, in an atmosphere of trust. My mindset and toolkit in skill development is based on learning from personal experiences and stories.

From 2003, I have delivered trainings in the for-profit, education and NGO sectors. In my work, I combine the empowering tools of proactive awareness, emotional attunement and spontaneous action, taking into account the needs, situation and goals of the participants.

I believe in human dignity and in the developmental impact of gently awakener humour. I believe in the eye-opener and transformative potential of theatre forms based on personal stories and spontaneity.



Budapest, Hungary



Focus areas:

  • Change
  • Emotional awareness
  • Cooperative communication
  • Presentation and self-expressive skills
  • Stress resilience and emotional well-being

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