Fruzsina Dénes

„There is no true responsibility without awareness. The more we can learn about ourselves, the less prone we are to become passive victims“

Gabor Mate

As a psychologist (personality, decision, economic and organisational psychology) and economist, I support change and development processes in organisations, teams and individuals. I started my career in the HR department of a BIG4 company, then feeling that this framework was too constricting, I continued my career as a consultant.

As both a CEO and an organisational developer, an integrative approach is important to me. I believe in the value of channelling psychological knowledge into business. It is the key to the future sustainability of an organisation, and in our development processes it deepens the understanding and experience of our participants.

To achieve long-term impact and real change, I awaken, not shock. Instead of pulling the blanket off the individual/group, I warm the room so that they pull it off themselves. In other words, I create an inspirational environment where they become able and willing to change, awakening their interest and inner motivation.

I support this with a specific methodology, in-Depth SOULution, which combines dramatic methods. Using the methodology of Playback Theatre, improvisation and action-oriented team coaching, we achieve transformative results.



Budapest, Hungary



Focus areas:

  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Impactful Personal Leadership Program
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stress management and resilience
  • Individual / team coaching
  • Psychological counselling

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