Györgyi Sudár

„Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes“

Carl Jung

At in-Depth, I found everything I love about this profession: we offer deep psychological knowledge through experiential education and individual development, "waking up" people and inspiring them to live a better, more conscious life. We believe that sooner or later this will affect the systems as well,, so our purpose is  to build  a more livable world. My deep process of self-discovery, which has been going on for almost two decades, also supports me to understand better the great mystery: how human works.​

​ I believe in the 'here and now', in the power of creative tools and clear questions, and above all in the courage and potential of people. As a trainer, acceptance, sensitivity and playfulness help me to  find my way to everyone. In my work, I take an integrative approach and enjoy using creative and dramatic tools. My approach is that true learning is only possible through deep personal level, true connection and self-reflection. As a "midwife" I accompany the process of change, creating a warm emotional climate, but I am not afraid to intervene when it is necessary.



Budapest, Hungary



Focus areas:

  • Organizational complexity, adaptation and learning
  • Organizational and business agility
  • Waterfall and agile project management

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