Andrea Schörghofer-Tomassich

„All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. So pick a role that you really enjoy!“

William Shakespeare

I like to encourage executives to go their own way in personal development and to take an active creative role - for themselves as well as in the corporate context. Shaping and building organizations and also supporting others in their development has always been a pet project of mine, and this now constitutes the role I have found for myself as a consultant. Conditions and situations are changing faster and faster, and agility, nimbleness and creativity are likely to become increasingly critical factors for success both for companies and for executives. I have made it my consulting task to promote this creativity and agility.

I therefore increasingly use methods from my drama and theater pedagogy training to promote practice-oriented development in a playful and stimulating way. While my degree program in business administration and several years of management experience in a banking group provided me with important knowledge about organizations, I also like to create new development approaches based on my studies in hypno-systemic consulting, supporting the selection and development processes with diagnostic tools and methods.



Vienna, Austria
Salzburg, Austria



Focus areas:

  • Aptitude diagnostics, potential analysis, assessment centers
  • Leadership training
  • Creative training and consulting methods based on theater pedagogy
  • Individual and group coaching

Kapcsolat Andrea Schörghofer-Tomassich