Anja Lasofsky-Blahut

„Doing is the badass version of imagining.“

People and organizations are looking for effective pragmatic solutions in order to fully realize their potential within the framework of their leadership actions, their communication and their interdepartmental interaction. With broad professional and methodological competence as well as great respect and empathy, I support you in the corresponding development steps.

Through my diverse professional background (group-wide responsibility for personnel and organizational development, previously research and teaching as well as management consulting) I know and live different organizational languages and contexts. Together with you, I develop goal-oriented solutions that take your individual needs into account, but always work in the sense of the big picture.



Vienna, Austria



Focus areas:

  • Potential Diagnostics and Leadership Development
  • Corporate culture & values
  • Knowledge Management
  • Facilitation of workshops
  • Coaching
  • Accompaniment of change processes

Kapcsolat Anja Lasofsky-Blahut