Anna Czerny

„Observing without judging is the highest form of human intelligence.“

Jiddu Krishnamurti

My passion for people and my interest in knowledge motivate me to support individuals and teams in their development processes. My vision is more clarity, authenticity and humanity in communication so that we can establish positive and effective cooperation. We can only achieve great things together if we have good relationships with one another. And this benefits individuals, teams and entire organizations.

The dynamics and potential of interpersonal relationships have fascinated me since the beginning of my career. In my current role as a consultant and coach, I help people gain more self-awareness by using appreciation and empathy to lure them out of their comfort zone and question the status quo. I provoke new perspectives and want to inspire more openness and courage in joint action. In a time of polycrises, it is more important than ever that we make good use of our strengths and potential in order to work successfully with strong teams on positive and sustainable visions.

In addition to my many years of practical experience in two listed companies and in a self-organized company, my work is based on my business and psychology studies as well as further training as a trainer, systemic coach, ScrumMaster and sociocratic discussion leader.


Vienna, Austria



Focus areas:

  • Design and implementation of management development programs
  • Design and moderation of organizational and team development measures
  • Development center to identify high-potential employees
  • Systemic coaching - in person and virtually
  • Training focal points: Development-focused leadership, coaching tools for managers, communication & feedback, agile mindset, self-management, mindfulness

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