Dr. Oliver Ernst

„Those who really want to change things, find a way, those who don’t, find an excuse.“

Helping people and organizations develop to their full potential in turbulent times is a matter close to my heart!

This desire is shaped by my own biography, which is characterized by constant change: management consultant, speechwriter for a federal minister, project manager in women's and equal opportunities policy, and writer and director at theaters throughout the German-speaking world. My positive systemic attitude, shaped by humanism, my analytical acumen and, last but not least, my sense of humor are the grounding principle of successful development processes.



Munich / Berlin, Germany



Focus areas:

  • Self-leadership, leadership in the system and leadership of the system as core competencies of conscious leadership
  • Design and implementation of systemic organizational development processes, change projects and (multi-module) leadership development
  • Design and implementation of leadership training (specifically: conscious leadership, leading change, resilience, leading leaders, relationship skills for managers)
  • Team development and team workshops to improve cooperation

Kapcsolat Dr. Oliver Ernst