Dr. Siegfried Molan-Grinner

„Good is a noun rather than an adjective.“

Robert M.Pirsig

After studying communication and educational sciences in Salzburg, Fribourg and Cologne, I have remained faithful to academia as a member of the teaching staff at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, as an author and as a research project manager.

My professional practice spans over 30 years as a trainer, consultant and coach, supporting a diverse mix of organizations in a wide range of industries.

As a systemic psychotherapist, I always read questions and assignments in terms of their more complex interdependencies in order to get solutions off the ground as simply as possible. As a husband and father of two, I also know all too well that this is not always possible. But worth trying.



Enns, Austria



Focus areas:

  • Aptitude diagnostics and potential analyses
  • Leadership development
  • Team building, including outdoor and analogous methods
  • Coaching

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