Gabriele Salomon

„Everything remains different.“

Herbert Grönemeyer

The first step begins in the mind, they say. Or in the gut, I would add. In my years of sales in the international pharmaceutical industry, I was an observer and co-designer of various organizational developments on several occasions. As a manager, my interest grew in exploring what moves people and gets them moving. Consequently, also the question of what keeps them from doing so.

This has not resulted in a standardized recipe, but I have put together some precious ingredients with which I design my trainings to move people. It doesn't make it easier, but it makes it more human.



Vienna, Austria
Linz, Austria
Salzburg, Austria



Focus areas:

  • Trainings and seminars on leadership and communication
  • Trainings on leadership of diverse, intercultural teams
  • Design and facilitation of meetings and workshops on management, team, strategy, organizational development
  • Consulting and facilitation of change processes in organizations
  • Readiness for change through dialogue

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