Lukas Mittermüller

„Love people, have confidence in them, shape their development, create meaning and purpose.“

my leadership credo

My professional experience was shaped early on by a CEO with whom I was able to witness both the importance of efficient corporate structures and sustainable organizational development as well as the value of trust and appreciation for corporate culture and its contribution to economic success.

This knowledge has assisted me in various companies, whether in finance or human resources positions, and continues to inspire me in my work as a coach and consultant in leadership and talent development.

My consulting work at 5P is based on a profound understanding of people and cultures in organizations, which is the foundation for sustainable solutions to all business challenges.



Vienna, Austria



Focus areas:

  • Design and implementation of human resources and organizational development programs
  • Facilitation of management, departmental and team workshops
  • Executive coaching and sparring

Kapcsolat Lukas Mittermüller