Renate Vochezer

„The secret of success is to understand the viewpoint of others.“

Henry Ford

Qualified human resources development is not limited to carrying out a seminar. Instead, it is more about designing effective and sustainable processes to provide managers and employees with exactly what they need in order to be effective. The purpose of my work is to advise and support you, all the way from the initial clarification of the assignment to the completion of the project.

During my many years of professional activity in the education sector, I have experienced time and again what training tailored to the individual can achieve. As part of my work at 5P Consulting, I am happy to use my experience to advise you on how you can successfully and sustainably implement the further education programs you are planning using state-of-the-art training formats.






Focus areas:

  • Consulting, conception and supervision of development and qualification programs including project management
  • Development and design of training programs
  • Learning 4.0 / Self-organized learning / Learning support

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