• When was the last time I was truly present as a leader? When have I really felt that I was in the driver's seat?
  • How successful am I at spending my time on the "really important" issues?
  • How do I remain receptive for developments and events that require a rethink?

The new era with its multifaceted challenges and the success of new work not only means more opportunities for collaboration, creativity, individual needs, and self-fulfillment, it also means an initial loss of security, clarity, order, and helpful rituals. To make full use of the advantages and opportunities of the new (working) world, people need to consciously connect with their inner compass. After all, when traditional systems and orders in the outside world disintegrate, replacing them with personal rituals is even more important for bringing oneself into the here & now: First, people need to gain awareness of themselves and their surroundings, and then they need to find their bearings so that they can make coherent decisions and act in a goal-oriented manner. For themselves. For their team. For the organisation. Because only those who relate to their inner self, their essence, can also achieve something significant.


LeadershipNOW training offers leaders as well as people with a will to shape things the opportunity to learn a method that allows them to be present: Not driven by fixed notions, pursuit of security or fear of loss, but rooted in the here and now - the individual NOW - in its wealth of possibilities.

We are talking about a method that strengthens our inner alignment and consequently our own effectiveness.

How often do we choose second best because our internal evaluation system prevents us from seeing entirely new - much better - possibilities? But aren't times of upheaval and change full of potential for us to create the future with entirely new inspirations?

We work intensively and with presence on your very own personal NOW and on what you need to make that NOW fully effective. Alongside current neuro-scientific insights on presence, motivation, and resilience, we work with the tried and tested self-management concept of the Zurich Resource Model (CRM®).

NOW – TO – GO!

Graphic: The three steps of LeadershipNOW: NOW – TO – GO!

1. Awareness of what is now. 

2. Deciding what to do and alignment.

3. Full focus on achieving goals.

It is virtually impossible to create an inspired future without being aware of the present and interpreting the moment in a meaningful way. And that is exactly where the risk lurks in times of transformation, upheaval and change on different levels. Anyone who doesn't address the moment in a non-judgmental way at least occasionally will stay trapped in obsolete convictions and fears and therefore can't be truly open to what the future will require.

Insights from the fields of neuroscience and research into motivation help us to understand the reasons why we are sometimes "all over the place" or what we need so we can concentrate on what is most important. A person's own self-management competencies and their own personal motivational status are taken into account, as are the individual environment and possible disruptive factors and strong resources that they have not yet been able to use competently enough to achieve their goals.


A typical LeadershipNOW Journey is made up of 3 days - a 2-day workshop and a follow-up/stay tuned day (which takes place after approximately 4-6 weeks), as well as 1-2 individual coaching sessions per participant.

We design a suitable program for you in alignment with your individual or professional previous knowledge and expectations.

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