Talent and Trainee Programs

  • How can we support our talents in their development and increase their loyalty to the company?
  • How can we deploy talents correctly with regard to their development - in which functions, agile roles, (change) projects? 
  • How can we make talents visible through their special achievements and contributions and expand their development prospects?

We design talent programs as attractive challenges that are directly linked to business performance, making talents visible as future top performers. On and off the job.
We help you set up competency-oriented programs that prepare your talents individually and collectively for current and future challenges.

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Steps to customised talent programs

1. Strategies and objectives

We develop clear objectives and a strategy to identify and promote the right people.

2. Challenge and transparency

The selection criteria must be communicated to everyone involved and must be clearly understandable. Ideally, it should be regarded as a distinction to be invited to take part in a program. We support the selection process and ensure quality, attractiveness and acceptance.

3. Define expectations

We work closely with management, HR, mentors and mentees, as well as project sponsors to ensure successful development and teamwork. “Staying in touch”: Aligning the development aspirations of your talents with the potential deployment prospects in your organization as closely as possible and retaining them after the program has ended is something we consider to be crucial to success.   ­

4. Developing talents on and off the job

We deploy an appropriate mix of methods to achieve collective and individual development goals and integrate senior management and relevant stakeholders.

5. Monitoring and evaluation

We evaluate the success of the program and provide feedback to participants on their level of development and potential.

6. Deploying talents

We assist you in effectively integrating talent into the organization to ensure the success of the investment.

Trainee Programs

If you are looking to recruit and develop highly qualified employees who will sustainably contribute to the development of your company, to position yourself as an attractive employer and to set yourself apart from other companies, a trainee program may be the perfect initiative for you. Especially if the aim is to deploy these employees swiftly across a broad spectrum of potentially interesting future-oriented areas.

To ensure that your future top performers know what is expected of them and what prospects they have in your company, it is important that trainee programs are well structured and transparent.

In addition to structured learning & on-the-job challenges, the following elements of trainee programs have proven to be particularly effective:

1. Mentoring Programs

Implementing well-functioning mentoring programs in organisations is a challenge in itself. A good mentor is able to encourage and support the trainee in his or her personal and professional development. A mentor can provide valuable feedback and advice to guide the trainee on their development journey.

2. Rotation

A good trainee program should take the trainee through different departments or teams to give him or her a comprehensive understanding of the company and the entire value creation process. A rotation program can also help the trainee become better acquainted with different career opportunities within the company.

3. Networking

A trainee program can also be a good opportunity to establish contacts within the company and to network with other employees.

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