Mediation and Conflict Management

  • How do we deal with conflicts in our company? How high are the costs of unresolved conflicts and how many opportunities pass us by as a result? 
  • How do our managers and employees constructively use the driving creative force that conflicts bring with them?
  • What does conflict resolution have to do with agility and leadership? When is conflict beneficial, when should leaders intervene and how?

Conflicts are part of everyday (work) life and play an important role. Constructive conflicts can be powerful drivers for development by bringing together different opinions and perspectives and promoting creative solutions. Destructive conflicts or those we try to ignore can cause high conflict costs. Conflicts contribute significantly to both maintaining the status quo and to initiating processes of change.

Dealing with conflicts in an active and constructive way is (also) a leadership task: This includes recognising when conflicts are an asset and when (and how) one should intervene.

The ability to recognise, manage, and resolve conflicts is a key characteristic of successful leadership and is becoming even more important in agile contexts.


We provide support through preventive measures as well as assistance in emergencies:

Mediation, conflict coaching, conflict training, and conflict management consulting help you and your company to successfully manage conflicts and maintain long-term relationships.

Mediation / Conflict facilitation

In mediation / conflict facilitation, experienced mediators guide the parties through a structured process and support them in developing a satisfactory and sustainable solution. Mediation is a highly future-oriented method to solve conflicts efficiently and sustainably and to improve the communication between the parties involved in the conflict.

Conflict coaching

In conflict coaching, we assist managers and employees in improving their own conflict management skills, in acquiring mediative competencies and in learning how to deal with conflicts in a constructive manner.

The executive as a conflict manager

In our multi-tiered training programs, leaders learn to regard conflicts from different perspectives. They confront conflicts head-on and acquire essential competencies for dealing with conflicts in an effective manner. The participants expand their skills in recognising and addressing conflicts and develop various strategies for dealing with conflicts as a leader, while at the same time supporting their team and guiding them toward better solutions. The specific formats and contents will be agreed upon with you on an individual basis.

“Enjoy conflict”

A tried and tested special training program for people who tend to try to steer clear of and avoid conflicts in order to learn to face these situations with a positive attitude and to use the energy of conflicts constructively.

Conflict management consulting

Conflict management consulting aims to make the conflict culture in the company more transparent, to reflect on it and to develop it further. Change projects, new work, reduced resources and the establishment of agile roles lead to a variety of - potentially very helpful - tensions that require special attention. Together with HR, managers, agile coaches and other internal stakeholders, we develop an approach to reduce destructive conflicts and to leverage the power of constructive tensions more effectively.

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