New Work

  • How much flexibility in terms of time and space can we allow? How can we increase our attractiveness as an employer?
  • What degree of professional autonomy and self-regulation do we want?
  • How do we create the framework for a collaborative culture full of creativity and a spirit of enterprise?

There are no simple answers. The roads to new forms of work are as diverse as the people in our organisations.

Together, we are shaping a sustainable work culture. The key to success in the age of digitalisation, in the increasingly fierce war for talent and in the midst of environmental influences that are difficult to predict, lies in more self-determination, trust and agility. Developing potential before efficiency is the new formula for success in more and more areas of the organisation!

Cultural change is a complex process. It can only succeed if we work on individual attitudes, organisational design and work climate at the same time. We therefore work together to develop a program, step by step, that is tailored to your individual needs - based on scientific findings and inspired by the insights of selected New Work pioneers.

Our approach challenges and supports companies through all the ups and downs that far-reaching transformations inevitably bring. Because a sustainable workplace culture is not only based on well-being - it takes place outside the usual comfort zone.

We support collaborative leadership and accompany organisations on their journey towards developing autonomous teams and effective meeting design, using practical, experiential and development-oriented learning methods such as serious play, hands-on experimentation and peer coaching.

These are just some of the topics we can work on together:

  • Collaborative Leadership: Mindset (invite not delegate, open error culture, willingness to experiment and potential development), psychological safety and radical candor (active listening, feedback and conflict skills), facilitation toolbox.
  • Effective meetings: hybrid rhythms and functions of meetings, collaborative decision making, digital tools.
  • Retreats: trust accelerator, incubator for ideas and space for reflection.
  • Autonomous teams: Purpose, roles, agreements/responsibilities, intentional culture design, teaming.
  • Creating a supportive environment: Flexibility in terms of time and location, career options, and handling salary issues.

New Work - fields of action


We start by taking stock of the situation: In interviews, shadowing sessions and focus groups, we obtain a nuanced picture of the work culture, organisational structure and key framework conditions.

Next, we develop initial key areas during participatory workshops. We present the latest scientific findings and discuss inspiring case studies. Together, we reflect on the current culture of collaboration and prioritise areas for action.

On this basis, the participants then define practical changes that can be implemented quickly in their everyday work processes. We support this challenging phase of trial and error through individual coaching and peer formats. The process comes full circle with a lessons learned session, where we share successful practices across teams and acknowledge any failures.

The 5P New Work programs always include individual development components, team and process building. We often combine these with agile organisational design and a pragmatic adaptation of the overall conditions. It is our goal to develop a group of New Work ambassadors and structures that drive new forms of collaboration over the long term, even once we are out of the picture.

We look forward to working together with you to create your working world of tomorrow!

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