In-Depth SOULution for Mindset Change

  • How can we really change attitudes, mindsets and the way of working?
  • How can we get people to live the change, not just survive it? 

  • What can we do to ensure that with the difficult feelings there is real engagement and not just drift? 

Most of the organisational changes fail. Mostly managers still treat organisations and the change process as if they were ordered systems. Thus, oversimplification, arbitrary use of cause and effect relationships and linear thinking are common. Meanwhile, organisations and the individuals working in them are both complex entities, which is why traditional change management tools do not work, or work only to a limited extent. 

The difficult thing about any change that targets rather deeper layers (attitudes, mindset) is that it is easy to close off internally and at the same time adapt (at least temporarily) on the surface. 


Because while the role or the way of working may change, things do not change 180 degrees. It can be perceived that a lot of things still remain the same - the activity, the product, the company, the partners. It is still possible to pretend that nothing has changed internally while adapting on the surface.  

"Sure, because I love the company, I'm loyal, but in the meantime I'm see if everything will come back....if it's just a trend....we've seen it before." 

It is deceptive that in most cases this phenomenon is not a conscious decision, but stems from the characteristics of change and the nature of the human psyche. 

in-Depth SOULutions is an integrated methodology 

It is important to distinguish between the internal transition, the internal psychological and emotional process of change, i.e. the way people work through it, and the external change itself, which is the change that is invented and constructed at the organisational level (structure, job roles, roles, budget, etc.). 

We have taken into account the complexity of the organisation and the individual. We are working with the deeper layers of the human psyche, which need to be engaged in order to achieve real, lasting change. We focus on consciously perceiving and working with beliefs, values, feelings, thoughts.  

This is important because it increases mental complexity, which is the key to adapting to new environmental conditions. It determines how quickly and effectively an individual can interpret and deal with external and internal environmental challenges.  

In our methodology, we work with dramatic methods (playback, action oriented team coaching, improvisation), and the tools of organisational development, psychology and coaching in an integrated, systemic approach. We have been developing this methodology for more than 10 years. 


Careful preparation is an essential part of the process. We gather information about the organisation and its people, using interview, workshop and on-the-job methods. We understand where the organisation is heading and what the attractive vision is that it wants to put its energies into.  

Working with small groups is also important. A group of 5-6 people allows for a high level of trust and gives enough space for all participants.  

Each phase is allocated 1 or 2 x 0.5 days. 

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