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  • What makes managers successful in the long term?
  • How well do the applicants match the management roles and functions in our company?
  • Who are the internal or external candidates who can make a significant contribution to the success of our company?
  • How do we increase the effectiveness of our employees in line with our corporate goals?

Talent Developer is an in-depth online potential analysis tool developed specifically for numerous functions in companies, such as executives, project managers, experts, and salespeople. It compares their competencies and the perception of their roles with those of successful benchmark groups across all industries.

Talent Developer delivers a wide range of valuable insights into leadership perception, decision-making behavior, contributions to the team, stress patterns and communication skills. The concise evaluations enable a targeted, requirement-oriented selection of employees, tailored development programs and challenging benchmarking for top performers.

This makes the results highly relevant for search and (pre)selection, but also for individual reflection and as an analysis tool for development programs, as it enables very specific development recommendations to be made.

At 5P, we have been using Talent Developer for personnel decisions and development programs very successfully for many years. Compared to a variety of other methods we have tested, Talent Developer has convinced us with its sound function-specific benchmarking, detailed results and concrete development recommendations.

Positive examples, precise development recommendations, and memorable quotes provide attractive and accessible insights and learning perspectives.

Fig.: Overview of success factors for managers

Fig.: Description of the success factors in the report with concrete suggestions for development

Graphical representations of personal winning strategies, role perceptions, and preferred perspectives are also explained in detail and in relation to development opportunities.

Fig.:  Winning strategies: What is the person's preferred strategic approach - from win-win to lose-lose

Additional analyses provide information about existing stress patterns, the person’s impact in the team and characteristics of communication skills. Here, too, informative detailed texts supplement the results and highlight development opportunities.

Fig.: What are the primary effects of the person in the team


The survey is based on questionnaires that are tailored to the respective function group and that adapt dynamically depending on how they are answered. The participants select on a four-point scale the extent to which certain behaviors and attitudes apply to them.

Based on this self-assessment, the results are presented in comparison to the master model, and in comparison to the norm group.

Fig.: Approach

The report presents the success factors and their characteristics in profiles: These include detailed statements on the perception of professional roles as well as on attitudes, skills and behaviors relevant to success. The report is completed by concrete statements on individual development recommendations and requirement-based development measures.

Talent Developer is based on more than 30 years of experience and has been used over a million times. Application and development partners worldwide work on its ongoing further development, including revisions and (re)standardisations.

Talent Developer is available in 13 languages with more than 20 questionnaires for three functional areas (Leadership, Sales, Experts).


  • Improves the quality of personnel decisions
  • Enables benchmarking with successful representatives of various functions
  • Provides an analysis of the current potential for talent management
  • Enables targeted training and coaching 
  • Is a challenging reflection tool for high performers
  • Works with adaptive questionnaires designed for specific contexts
  • Is aligned with competency models - including yours, if you wish.

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