Anna Bödecs

„Experience alone doesn’t create knowledge.“

Kurt Lewin

In my work, I strive to create an environment where concrete experiences can be reflected with courage, openness and from different perspectives. I am committed to guiding individuals, groups and organizations through a transformative learning process by fostering an atmosphere of exploration, emotional involvement, and experimentation. I empower my clients to make sense of the complexity around them to be able to find focus, make decisions, take actions and learn from it.

In addition to my studies in psychology, I am a qualified coach and trainer, and my approach has been strongly shaped by the group dynamic training method and contemplative meditation. As a school psychologist, I turned my attention to learning organisations and then gained experience in agility and its methods in the IT sector.



Budapest, Hungary



Focus areas:

  • Organizational change
  • Self-management and resilience
  • Emotional regulation
  • Creative and innovative thinking

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